Current Status

There are no issues of which we are aware.

Planned Maintenance

There is no planned downtime for essential maintenance.

Recent Issues

21/05/2019: Upstream Network Outage

Our web servers were offline between 11:10 and 11:42 due to a temporary upstream blockage.

20/03/2018: Intermittent Network Connectivity

Our primary data centre was targeted by a sustained DOS attack from 14:46.

26/05/2017: Intermittent Network Connectivity

Our primary data centre experienced intermittent network connectivity issues between 15:33 and 17:12.

About the site

This website provides a service status overview for our customers. The server that hosts this website is geographically separate from our UK data centre and network infrastructure. Please reload the page - e.g. press [F5] function key - to ensure it presents the latest information.

Click the Navigation menu to view the archive of reported issues and maintenance updates, and to view an uptime history of our web services.

If you are experiencing a persistent problem that is not documented here, please click here to visit our knowledgebase and start a support ticket, but note that our knowledgebase service might also be affected by the same problem.

Thank you for your patience


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